The Girl, The Story

Ariana grew up in Montauk, NY since the age of 3 when her family moved because her father owned a commercial fishing boat.  Summers were always spend outside at the beach and in the ocean.  She spent most of her time hanging out at Ditch Plains with a crew of local kids.  Days were spent at the beach and nights around a bonfire.  Family vacations were down in Puerto Rico so the love for summer, the beach, travel and bikinis has always been a part of her life.
Ariana attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Advertising and Marketing Communications and then transferred to the University of Vermont.  After graduating, Ariana headed to Southern California to pursue modeling and life on the West Coast.  After being away for nearly a year, Ariana returned to Montauk.  This is the summer that planted the seed for Kaileigh Swimwear.  She wanted to utilize her education but be involved with something she loved!
It began at the end of summer 2013 when Ariana decided she wanted to design and create her own bikini.  She traveled to NYC and picked up all the fabrics and supplies needed.  During the winter she kept designing more and more styles which eventually lead to a full business plan and more trips to NYC.  Ariana has been involved with every step from start to finish and it has been a huge learning process along the way.  If she didn't know how to do something she went to the library to take out books and spent hours searching the internet.  She also has a tremendous amount of help from her extremely talented friends and supportive family.
The first Kaileigh Swimwear collection was sold locally in the Hamptons and Montauk at surf shops and trendy boutiques and continues to expand west.